Effective October 1, 1999 all Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases for debtors living outside of Cook County in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, have are administered by the office of Glenn Stearns.  My office was created to service the Collar Counties (Lake, DuPage, Kane, Will, Kendal, Grundy and LaSalle Counties).


Debtors must make their first Chapter 13 Plan payment 30 days after their case was filed.


All payments must be made payable to Glenn Stearns, Chapter 13 Trustee and sent to my lockbox at:


                                                Glenn Stearns, Chapter 13 Trustee

                                                PO Box 2368

                                                Memphis  TN   38101 2368


Why Memphis?  SunTrust provides excellent service to a large number of Chapter 13 Trustees nationwide and the mail time from Chicago to Memphis is about the same as from one location to another in the Chicago metro area.  Figure on four to five days between the date the payment is postmarked and the date we post it to your case.


Do not send payments to my office.  This will only delay the payment being credited to your account.


You MUST pay via money order, cashiers check or payroll deduction.  No personal checks.  Personal checks will not be processed by my bank and will be returned to you. 


Write your name and case number on every payment.


If you pay via payroll deduction, have your payroll department send your payments to the above address. 


Questions regarding your account status should be directed to my office at 630-981-3888. 


Case information is available on the World Wide Web at the National Data Center.  First time users will need to set up a free login account by following the instructions for “Debtors”. 


Other useful information is available at http://www.lisle13.com/. 


Periodic reports showing six months receipt and disbursement history will be sent out on the following schedule:


Last Name:       P-Si   Sm-Z   A-Cn   Co-Go   Gp-K   L-O   P-Si   Sm-Z   A-Cn   Co-Go   Gp-K   L-O          

Report Sent:     Aug    Sep      Oct      Nov       Dec      Jan    Feb    Mar     Apr     May      Jun       Jul       


A written request for payoff amount requires us to perform an audit and may take up to 30 days.


It takes approximately 60 days from the time we receive your written payoff to issue your final discharge.